In order to graduate, it is necessary to entirely fulfil the requirements of the program – students are supposed to have the respective number of credits indicated in the NBU Catalog for the academic year in which they started their education in the respective educational degree.


Students have a right to enroll in Diplomacy semester keeping their students status. The registration of the Diplomacy semester has to be done immediately after taking the last semester of the program.





After successfully passing the state exam / diploma defense, it is necessary to submit application for issuing a diploma at the Student Center, International student office. Required are:

  • application form for issuing a diploma;
  • note from the library that there are not due books;
  • two passport pictures;
  • copy of your ID document/passport

If you are admitted to the NBU after t.he academic year 2004/2005, you are eligible for the European Diploma Supplement, which is valid only if you are applying abroad for higher degree. You must make an application at the Student Center, International student office.





Every academic year, on the occasion of the Day of the National Revival Leaders and on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature the official graduation ceremony is also held and students are awarded with diplomas.

For more information, you can contact the Graduation Department at the following numbers: 02/8110 211, 02/8110 251, 02/8110 255, 02/8110 284.


Students who do not wish to attend the ceremony can receive their diplomas from the Graduation Department - more information is available at the telephone numbers above.