Master’s Programs



Master’s Programs 2024/2025


Master's degree programs are applied for upon completing either a Bachelor's degree program at NBU or at another higher education institution, or completing a Professional Bachelor's degree program. For candidates who have completed a Bachelor's degree program in a field different from the one of the selected Master's degree program, NBU offers preparatory modules. Holders of Professional Bachelor's degrees enroll in an upgrading semester prior to the start of their Master’s degree programs.



EU applicants attend an interview or an exam, submit a motivation essay, and meet any additional requirements set by the specific program. Non-EU citizens, holders of a degree, apply by submitting relevant documents.

The recognition of a prior educational qualification degree held by foreign higher education institution graduates is carried out in accordance with the NBU Recognition Procedure for Foreign Degrees and Qualifications.



 Applicants should submit the following documents: 

  1.  Application for recognition of foreign degree or qualification and Declaration.
  2. Original or a certified copy of the Bachelor/Master diploma in compliance with the Procedure for Notarial or Apostille Certification.
  3. Original or certified copy of the Diploma Supplement (Academic Transcript) or a certified copy thereof in compliance with the Procedure for Notarial or Apostille Certification, and original or copy of Diploma Supplement, if any.
  4. Photocopy of the first page of your passport or other identification documents with your names in Latin script, date and place of birth.
  5. Document certifying changes in the applicant's name if any (with translation, if in a foreign language)
  6. Other documents which the applicant may consider relevant to the requested recognition (original of European Diploma Supplement, if any, etc.)

Documents under points 2 and 3 must be legalized, translated and certified in accordance with the international treaties between Bulgaria and the country of issuance of respective documents. When there are no such provisions, the process must follow the general procedure for legalization, translation and certification of documents and other papers.

Translations of legalized documents must be certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.

Where do I submit my application?

Submit your application for recognition and supporting documents to the International Relations Office, Building 1, main lobby, 1-st floor.

Your application for recognition will be reviewed by the Committee for Recognition of Foreign Degrees and Qualifications. The recommendation of the Committee will be put to vote at a regular meeting of NBU’s Academic Council. The outcome or decision will be communicated to you by the Secretary of the Recognition Committee.