PhD Programs


Doctoral Programs 2020/2021


  • Social, Economic and Legal Sciences
  • Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Studies

    • Anthropology
    • Sociology


    • General Psychology

    Political Science

    • Political Science


    • Civil and Family Law
    • Criminal Law

    Administration and Management

    • Business Administration
    • Organization and Management of non-production sphere


    • World Economy and International Economic Relations
    • Finance, Monetary Circulation, Crediting and Insurance
  • Humanities
  • Philology

    • Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
    • Theory and History of Literature
    • Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpreting
    • German Studies
    • Romanic Studies
    • Slavic Studies

    History of Archeology

    • History of Bulgaria from Middle Ages to Modern Times
    • Modern and Contemporary History
    • Ancient History (Egyptology)
    • Ancient History (including Prehistory) – Archeology and Archeometry


    • History of Philosophy
    • Topics in Contemporary Philosophy (Semiotics)
  • Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics
  • Informatics and Computer Science

    • Informatics
  • Technical Sciences
  • Communication and Computer Equipment

    • Telecommunications

    Architecture, Construction and Geodesy

    • Architecture of Buildings, Structures and Details
    • Theory and History of Architecture
  • Arts
  • History of Arts

    • Art and Visual Studies

    Visual Arts

    • Visual and Plastic Art
    • Design

    Music and Dance

    • Musicology and Music

    Theater and Film

    • Film Studies, Cinematic Arts and Television (Screen Arts, Mass Communications)
    • Theater Studies and Theater Arts
  • Security and Defense
  • National Security

    • Security Strategies and Policies
  • Pedagogy of ...
  • Romance and Germanic Studies

    • Methodology of Modern Languages Teaching