Tuition fees


The tuition fees at New Bulgarian University are paid per semester and remain unchanged for the entire course of study.

  * Foreign students from Non-EU countries pay the tuition fee for one academic year


Payment Periods

The tuition payments are made whitin the deadlines according to the calendar for the academic year.


Payment Methods

  1. In person at the Cash offices at NBU (office 201)
  2. Via authorized representative with legally notarized and translated power of attorney
  3. Via bank transfer
Please be sure to deposit an amount equal to the tuition payment and point your student number

DSK Bank

“Ovcha kupel” 1, Blvd. “Montevideo” 37

1632 Sofia, Bulgaria


IBAN: BG06STSA93000021472096


  • Master's programs after secondary education


Full-time programs

EU/EEA countries

Macedonia / Palestina

Non-EU countries



2650 BGN/ per semester

2700 BGN/ per semester

6200 BGN/ per year

6400 BGN/ per year

9200 BGN/ per year

9400 BGN/ per year



The tuition fee for the rest of the programs for EU citizens vary between 2 200 - 2 750 BGN, for Macedonia/Palestina in the range 5 000 - 6 800 BGN (per year) and for Non-EU citizens: 8 800 - 12 000 BGN (per year). For more details, please contact our team at foreign.student@nbu.bg