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New Bulgarian University offers degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels as well as Professional Bachelor’s Degree programs and continuing education certificate courses in the fine arts, foreign languages, policy, management, network technologies etc.

We offer full time, distance, intensive and eLearning opportunities administered by the respective NBU Schools and organized in the Programs of Study. Some of the programs can be taken either on a full time or a distance learning basis.




Study options

Full-time degree programs combine the most demanding academic tradition with an interactive approach promoting independent learning.

Distance learning programs offer online feature videotaped lectures of courses held on campus, with accompanying printed and visual course materials, and regular consultations with course advisors.

Intensive (part-time) learning programs lead to Professional Bachelor’s degrees. They take three years to complete and are offered only at the local centers in Varna, Vidin or Plovdiv. Classes are conducted in three consecutive days (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) with assessment of student work performed the following week. Students in intensive learning programs do not use manuals or the MOODLE NBU platform.

eLearning is used as a tool to enhance both the full-time and distance study options. The MOODLE NBU platform provides access to eMaterials for each course including lectures, articles, projects and required reading lists. The platform offers opportunities for online consultations and communication among teachers and students, task assignment and test preparation, progress assessment etc.


Degree options

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

During the first two years of the Undergraduate Core Program (Part 1) students take General Education Skills Courses to acquire and further develop their skills in the Bulgarian language, in a foreign language of their choice, in computing, and in sports or arts, General Education Knowledge Courses, and courses in major disciplines in chosen academic field.

During the third and fourth years of the Bachelor’s degree program (Part 2) the focus is on independent studies, practicums and internships relevant to their degree program and future professional career.

Entrance to Minors is open to all undergraduate students at the NBU. They may earn a Minor in the same field as their Major, or in a different one. It is free of charge to students who have successfully completed all courses of the Undergraduate Core Program and have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of over 4.00 points.

Professional Bachelor’s Degree Programs

During the first year students take practical courses in chosen academic field as well as take General Education Skills Courses in the Bulgarian language and computers. During the second and third years of the program the focus is on practical specialized courses and extracurricular studies including required practicums and internships in a company. Students may continue their studies in a Master’s degree program in the same professional field or in a Bachelor’s degree program in a different field.

Master’s Degree Programs

Master’s Degree Programs usually take one and a half year to complete and culminate in a thesis or a Final State Examination. The only exceptions are the state regulated Master’s Degree Programs in Law and Architecture with the duration of the course of studies five and six years respectively. Entrance to a number of Master’s Degree Programmes is open to holders of Professional Bachelor’s Degrees in the same field.


Individualized programs

Students with special interdisciplinary interests, students in programs with small number of students as well as transfer students may work with the Individual Programs Office at the School of Distance, Digital and Continuing Education to design an individualized Special Major or Minor with unique learning goals in areas not adequately or appropriately addressed by formalized programs of study offered by the NBU.  Individualized programs of study are subject to approval by Deans of respective NBU Schools. This option is open to students in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

Doctoral Programs

Full-time Doctoral Programs at the NBU normally take three years to complete. The School of Graduate Studies welcomes applicants for doctoral program on research topics announced by Departments with opportunities to receive a tuition scholarship. It is also possible to pursue Independent Doctoral Studies.




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