Alumni association


NBU Alumni Association


The NBU Alumni Association is an organization devoted to maintaining the relationship between the alumni and the University.

All current and former NBU students as well as all persons who are academically related to the University are eligible for membership in the Association. Immediately after its foundation in the academic year 2002/2003, over 100 alumni expressed their willingness to become members. Their activities contribute to promoting the public image of the University, thus boosting the prestige of their diplomas.

Meetings are being organized at the New Bulgarian University between current students and alumni. This tradition was established by alumni of the Public Administration Bachelor and Master Programs. The result of the first meeting was drawing up and signing a contract with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works for hands-on trainings for students. The contract is executed through the cooperation of an NBU alumnus working with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The activity of the NBU alumni association is related to sharing professional experience on the part of the alumni, as well as mentoring current students and offering internship programs and partnerships within different projects.
There are several major goals that NBU Alumni Association aims to achieve:

  • To strengthen the relations and the communication between the University, the current students, the alumni and the employers;
  • To contribute to the positive presentation of the New Bulgarian University to the interested parties, nationally as well as internationally, for the benefit of the University and the public;
  • To confirm and improve the image of the University;
  • To establish an effective relationship between education and business.