Professor D. Sc. Plamen Doynov 

Professor D. Sc. Plamen Doynov is rector of New Bulgarian University since 01.07.2020. He teaches history and theory of literature, academic and creative writing at NBU.

Professor D. Sc. Plamen Doynov is among the founders of the Department of New Bulgarian Studies and had been a head of it for two mandates (2012–2020). He is an author of the preliminary design and director of the scientific program "The literature of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (1946-1990)".

He is a poet, playwright and literary historian. He has been awarded twice for his poetry with the "Nikolay Kanchev" (2012 and 2016) and "Ivan Nikolov" awards (2004 and 2012), for his dramatics - with "Ivan Radoev" (2001) and "Askeer" (2006) awards, for his research - with "Hristo G. Danov" in the category "Humanities" (2012), "Ivan Meshekov and Ivan Radoslavov" (2015) and "Ivan Dinkov" (2016) awards. His books have been published in France, Hungary and Poland, and his texts have been translated into all European languages. In 2013, the President of the Republic of Hungary awarded him the Golden Cross of Merit in the field of culture, and in 2018 he was nominated for the international award "European Poet of Freedom" in Poland. He is a longtime editor of the weekly "Literary Journal" (since 1993).

Professor D. Sc. Plamen Doynov is an author of 12 literary-historical monographs and books with literary criticism, including "Bulgarian poetry at the end of the twentieth century" (in two parts, 2007), "Bulgarian social realism: 1956, 1968, 1989" (2011), "The alternative Canon: The Poets "(2012)," Bulgarian Literature and the Beginning of the XXI Century "(2013)," Literature, Thawing, Fault: 1962" (2015)," Literature of Cases. From "Tobacco" to "Hunt for Wolves" (2017), etc. He is a compiler of over 50 scientific and documentary collections in eight publishing series in the field of the history of literature from the period of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.


e-mail: pdojnov@nbu.bg