Interesting facts



The Honorary Doctors’ Wall is on the landing between the second and the third floor of Building 1.
The Doctor Honoris Causa of New Bulgarian University Degree is awarded to eminent figures with distinguished achievements in the fields of Science, Culture and Personal Relationships, in the development of University education, with personal contribution to New Bulgarian University.

For more information regarding Doctor Honoris Causa of NBU awardees, please click here.

The Donors' Wall is between the first floor and the second floor - in appreciation for their contribution to the University.




Interesting exhibitions and performances can often be seen in the corridors and lobbies, on the stairs, and even in the basement of the University.

The campus has beautifully landscaped lawns, shrubs and trees, most of them coniferous.

At the initiative of the Academic and Practical Research Unit "Laboratory of Biology", all plants on the University campus, representing over 70 species, are identified by type and labelled. Among them there are typical for Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula plants as well as some species such as Mammoth tree and American oak that are typical of the North American continent. A special catalogue with a complete description of the species will be available soon.