Support services for disadvantaged people




A panoramic elevator was built in Building 1 of the NBU - a modern architectural solution that breathes new life into the University building, allowing people with mobility problems to make full use of all spaces and resources of the five floors. The elevator is part of the project to ensure and facilitate the access of disadvantaged people to every corner of the University. Building 2 also has elevators that are adapted for the same purpose.



At NBU there are five ramps that make it possible for disadvantaged students to make full use of the university space and resources. Apart from these, three more easily transportable light aluminum ramps are provided for the needs of Building 2 and the University Theater. Building 1 and Building 2 can also be accessed via chain conveyors for wheelchairs.

The ramp in front of the coffee club of Building 1 provides access to the Aula, the cafe, the toilets. On the stairs of Building 2 there is a motorized platform that provides access to the classrooms, offices and coffee club in the building. A ramp was installed at the entrance of Building 1, at the side of the Library.


Support services for people with visual impairments 

People with visual impairments can orient themselves more easily in the University and can make full use of its resources thanks to the tactile ground surface indicators which are installed from the Main Entrance of NBU to the Library. They are provided with a reader space with specialized equipment and software. At the main entrance there is a sign in Braille, tactile ground surface indicators are installed from Montevideo Street to Building 2.



The toilets are accessible for people with disabilities.


Other information 

There are automatic doors in the University, and all entrances facilitate the access of people with impaired motor functions. There are special parking spaces with labels, the curb in front of the Parking lot is sloped.