The World in the 21st Century


The World in the 21st Century

Tzvetkov, Plamen. Artes Liberales – Basic Books on General Education. Sofia: NBU, 2005. 416 pages.

Artes Liberales

The contents include sections entitled Modern and Recent Times. The World in the 21st Century; Constitutional and Parliamentary System, Totalitarian Government, Authoritarian Government; Liberal and Totalitarian Revolutions; Democracy in the 21st Century; Dictatorships in the 21st Century; Wars in the 21st Century; European Integration; Globalization in the End of the 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st Century. Presented are those historical events and processes in the European and world history in the 21st century that have a direct impact on the human civilization – they are examined not in a chronological order but by problems. Author’s aim is to give a clearer picture of the ways that led us to this world and to make us better prepared for the challenges we will face after the accession of Bulgaria in the NATO and European Union.


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