Semiotics, Communications, Reality


Semiotics, Communications, Reality

Popova, M. Sofia: NBU, 2003. 24 pages

Artes Liberales

‘In the widest meaning, communication can be defined as transmission of influences from one part of a given living system to another, thus creating a change. What is being transmitted is messages. The creation of messages is the essence of semiotics: their ebbs and flows, the manner, in which they are organized and formed, formulated and packed by the original source and how they are being unpacked and processed when received at the final address. In what way does the context, in which this exchange is being effected, control the creation of messages, their generation and interpretation? The process of exchange of messages or semiosis is a mandatory feature of all terrestrial forms of life. This very ability of storing, copying and expressing of messages, of drawing out their meaning discriminates the living from not living organisms, except for human agents such as computers and robots that can be programmed to simulate communication more than any other often mentioned feature.’