Prominent Figures in Anthropology – 2


Prominent Figures in Anthropology – 2

Compiled by: Magdalena Elchinova, Tzvete Lazova. Sofia: NBU, 2005. 174 pages.


The book presents Henry Lewis Morgan and cultural evolutionism, Gregory Batson or ‘Batson knows something but doesn’t want to talk’; Victor Turner and the study of ritual symbols; Luis Dumon: the spirit of mind; Marry Douglas and ‘simplicity’ of meanings; James Clifford and the ‘writing of culture’; Jeremy Boaswen and the challenges of Dutch anthropological school; Ernesto de Martino and the creation of historical anthropology in Italy; Benjamin Lee Worth and the hypothesis of linguistic relativity; Del Himes and ethnology of communication; Olga Freidenberg – Miss Marple of the classical philology; Magnus Hischfeld and the study of alternative forms of sexuality.


ISBN 954-535-422-4
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