A White Straight Man


A White Straight Man

Zankov, V. Sofia: NBU, 2003. 16 pages

Artes Liberales

‘The next job is called ’75 wishes’ interactive video that tells the story of twenty-five persons, who were asked what their three wishes were, using the tale of the ‘Fisherman and the Golden Fish’. The interesting thing here is that with the help of the mouse, everyone’s wishes can be heard one by one. The question of ability to hear is raised here – these twenty-five persons speak simultaneously and share their wishes and this simultaneousness impedes from hearing or understanding any of their wishes. No one can understand what anyone is talking about; to do that, one has to choose the person he wants to hear with the help of the computer mouse but thus he can hear only the voice of the selected person because the voices of the others are muted. People on the screen are left at their own, talking, moving, alienated, not understood, mixed up in an unarticulated clamor. They were shot in the eve of 2001 and generally, these people were willing to talk of their three wishes un anticipation of the 21st century. Suddenly, different wishes emerged.’