The Library collections are developed according to the academic profile. The selection of publications is consistent with the criteria for accreditation of each professional field. Through the rich collections of titles in various formats and in different languages, the library offers a creative environment for self-study and research.

The following collections are at your disposal:

  • Audiovisual documents - includes documentary films, educational videos, music and audio noteless, records, audio and video cassettes, CD and DVD.
  • Bachelor and Master Theses - Library stores and grants access to the graduation papers and dissertations of NBU.
  • Electronic Resources as follows:
  • University Publications - includes all documents published by the Publishing House of the NBU.
  • Books - general collection that includes books, monographs, conference papers, guides, handbooks, student's books and workbooks. The collection is characterized by linguistic diversity, with documents written in bulgarian, english, french, german, spanish, italian, russian, greek, latin and others.
  • Sheets of music - covers scores for music and instruments. The collection includes editions of some of the most prestigious music publishers in the world.
  • Periodicals - consists of bulgarian and foreign newspapers, magazines and yearbooks.
  • Reference books - this collection unify general and special encyclopedias, thesaurus, terminological reference books, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, manuals, almanacs in various fields of knowledge and other publications with reference character.
  • Fiction - combines classics of Bulgarian and world literature and works of many contemporary authors, and others honored with Nobel Prize for literature, international and national awards.
The special collections are as follows:
  • Doctor Honoris Causa - collects works whose authors are honored with the title "Doctor Honoris Causa" to NBU.
  • Personal collections - this collection includes selection of works of Prof. Aleksandar Fol, Prof. Dr. Armin Hohlweg, Atanas Slavov, Prof. Boyan Nichev, Acad. Vera Mutafchieva, Prof. Georgi Mihaylov, Dr. Georgi Tekev (1902-1992), Acad. Ivan Duridanov, Prof. Ivanka Apostolova, D.Sc., Prof. Magdalina Stancheva, Prof. Peter Black, Prof. Plamen Tsvetkov, Ph.D., Prof. Richard Schneider, Prof. Tseko Torbov.
  • Rare and valuable books - includes documents in specific languages, with unique layout, books in limited total print or bibliophile books.
  • Books and materials for school students