Prof. Gerard Hendrik Hofstede

Awarded with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa of the New Bulgarian University” on 12th October 2001

The title is awarded for his exceptional achievements in the Organizational and Intercultural Psychology, Management and Business Administration, the development of the higher education, and for his contribution to the development of the Master's Program of Business Administration at NBU.

Prof. Hofstede is a professor at the Tilburg University (the Netherlands), well-known scholar in the field of the Organizational Psychology and Intercultural differences. His research on the problems of culture-specific dimensions of the Organizational Behavior forms a new research paradigm in the Organizational Psychology and influences many of the modern concepts for effective business organization. Prof. Hofstede has been a co-founder and director of the Institute for Research of Intercultural Cooperation for 13 years (1980 - 1993), as well as chair of its Board of Trustees from 1996 to 1998. He is an author of 13 books and more than 130 articles, most of them translated, including into Korean, Japanese and Chinese. He is a regular member of the International Intercultural Psychology Association, the European Group of Organizational Research, the European Business Association, and the Netherlands Management Academy.

At the official ceremony of awarding the honorary title, Prof. Gerard Hendrik Hofstede read an academic lecture "Software of the National Intellect: Cultural Map of Europe".