Multi-component assessment

Each NBU program follows the training and progress of its students, keeping information about the obtained credits, all individual activities, information of awards and achievements. This information is collected into the portfolio of the student and provides a clear idea of the educational results.
The students at NBU are assessed on the grounds of a system, where each assessment is multi-component – the continuous assessment and the examination.
  • If the student attends regularly his classes, he receives several current grades. The final assessment may be formed on the basis of the current grades. If the student is not satisfied with the continuous assessment or has only one current grade, he sits for one of the examination forms.
  • In case the student does not have any current grades, he has to sit for the announced session examination. This examination is also multi-component – it consists of at least two components.
  • For the distance learning programs, the final assessment is obtained by means of an examination and includes the individual work grades and the examination. 
The continuous assessment is carried out in the course of the educational process. The continuous assessment may be effected in different forms, depending on the specificity of the educational discipline: active participation during in-class studies (discussions, text analysis, trainings, role games, etc.); individual work (essay, papers, practical developments, planning and implementation of original studies, projects, problem and case solving, film, TV show, video, scenario, photographs, exhibition, theatre performance, concert, review, graphic project, website, etc.); test.
The end-of-termexamination is usually oriented to the full volume of competences, integrated into the course’s portfolio. It may be a test, oral or written.

In the beginning of each examination session, Student  Unit, building 1, room 212 and room 213; tel.: +359 2 8110 213; 8110 233; 8110 253; 8110 299; 8110 212, issues a general record for each course, which the teacher takes in person and wherein he enters the grades of the two components of the continuous assessment, the grades of the two components of the examination and the final course grade. The teacher brings the record back to “Student Affairs” Unit not later than one week after the end of the examination session. The record is filled in and signed by the examiner.
The students at NBU may sit for an examination out of the time period of the session by means of an individual record, after arranging the time within the reception hours of the teacher. “Student Affairs” Unit issues an individual record to those, sitting for an individual examination. The teacher, holding the individual examination, brings the record back to the unit in person not later than three days after carrying out of the examination.

In case of a change in the date and time of the examination, it is necessary to inform the students, the Director of “Education” Unit, building 1, floor 2, room 219, tel. 8110269, ext. 1269, to book a room for carrying out of the examination.
The grades of the continuous assessment and of the examination are entered by the teachers in the module for e-teacher -, and the students may check their grades in the module for e-student of the Integrated Information System.

The Assessment Center at NBU, building 1, floor 4, room 417, tel.: +359 2 8110 417, ext. 1417 is in charge of development of new assessment methods and forms and providing of methodological support.