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For more information:

International Relations Office:

tel.: +359 2 8110 482
tel: +359 2 8110 222

Borislav Tomov: btomov@nbu.bg
Alexandra Yosifova: ayosifova@nbu.bg

How to open a personal NBU e-mail?
To receive a personal e-mail address on the NBU server, please contact the system administrator in building 1, room 317.
How will the integrated information system E-student be useful to you?
You can obtain information from it regarding:
  • courses and programs you have been enrolled in
  • your academic fee
  • your currents grades and exam results
  • your credits
  • schedule of courses you have been enrolled in, as well as your exam schedule
  • details of your health security
  • university events and possibilities for your personal participation 
Can you enroll for a course or a continuing education program parallel to your major academic education?
If you are interested, you can enroll in a continuing education course at the Continuing Education Center, as well as the foreign language course in the Foreign Language Center outside your program, or a course in management or politics.
How to use the NBU library?
The first condition of using the university library is the reader’s card. It is issued by the Borrow office, located at the lounge at the library. Personal number and a recent photo are required. As a reader in the university library, you obtain the right of taking books home, submit an application for searching of a book, photographic reference, use the electronic catalogue, as well as the other available data-bases. As paid services the following can be ordered: written bibliographical reference, inter-library borrowing and international inter-library borrowing. For more information: telephone: 8110 296
What are events occurring in the university?
You can obtain detailed information on events from university life in the university web-site or by submitting your e-mail address to the direction “Information activity” – building 1, room 101, telephone: 8110101, to include in the internal information system, from where you will receive information updates.
When is the annual Rector’s prize for best student awarded?
Each year on March 3 – the Bulgarian national holiday – the Rector of NBU awards the prize for the best NBU student. The criteria are best academic results, participation in international events and scientific and research projects, university life, contribution to the New Bulgarian University. Please be advised that the prize for best lecturer depends on the students’ opinion, expressed in the questionnaires which you will be completing throughout the academic year.
What NBU normative documents will it be necessary to become acquainted with?
Those are the normative documents regulating your student rights, responsibilities and obligations. Also those that will introduce you to the organization of the academic process:
  • Statute for structuring and activity of NBU
  • Regulation for students of the NBU
  • Regulation for the academic process
Whom to complain to?
  • If you are in a situation of non-implementing procedures and terms, related to your education, please contact your program director. If the program director does not assist you to his fullest, you can submit a complaint to your faculty Dean, and in case of dissatisfaction with his activities – to the NBU Chancellor.
  • If you are in a situation of poor administrative servicing in the “Students” department, “Academic” department, “Accreditation and graduation” department and Student information center, you can submit a complaint to the CSA. In case of dissatisfaction with the actions of the CSA director, please contact the NBU Chancellor.
  • If you think the Chancellor has not solved your problem, please submit a complaint in writing to the President of the NBU Board.
Why is your opinion important?
At the end of each semester during classes you will be given a questionnaire form to complete and express your opinion on the course you are attending and its lecturer. Your recommendations and ideas for improving of the program and the academic process can be submitted at any time at the Students information center. Results of the questionnaire researches are published in the menu “About NBU”, link “Quality maintenance system” – www.nbu.bg
What books is the university publishing house printing?
The NBU publishing house prints academic books required for your education, as well as the scientific research of your lecturers. Advertising and information materials about NBU are also published in the publishing center, with which you can present the university if you are traveling abroad on a student mobility program to study in a foreign university. For more information please refer to: Publishing center, building 1, floor 1, room 125, telephone/fax: 8110125, e-mail: vvassileva@nbu.bg
Where to find books published by the university publishing house?
The NBU issues can be found in bookstore “NBU-Litera”, located in building 1, central lounge. Open hours of the bookstore: each working day from 09.00 to 18.30 and Saturday from 10.00 - 16.00.
Does NBU print student issues and how to contact their editor’s offices?
NBU prints the student periodical “entellegent” on a monthly basis, the student periodical for university culture “Sledva” three times per academic year and you can be updated on NBU university life from the columns “Varium est” and “100% NBU” in “Literature news”. You can publish own articles in the students editions. The editors’ coordinates are:
  • Student periodical entellegent
    Ivo Tashkov, ?-mail: entelegentno@abv.bg
  • Periodical for university culture “Sledva”
    Bilyana Kurtasheva, ?-mail: bkourtasheva@nbu.bg
  • Varium est, 100 % NBU”newspaper Literature News
    Morris Fadel, e-mail: mfadel@nbu.bg
Where can you obtain a copy of the NBU annual report?
The NBU annual report is issued periodically at the end of March each calendar year and includes full information about the previous academic year – financial report, new material resources, obtained donations, status of academic activity, status of scientific and research, international, publishing and other activities. The annual report includes sections of media publications on the university. A copy of the annual report can be obtained at the Student information center or at the NBU publishing center, located in building 1, floor 1, room 125. The annual report can be viewed in the NBU library.