The Logo
The logo of NBU symbolizes the reading man. The sign of NBU is affixed to the diplomas of the students, to the university seal, to the Rector’s award, to the medals of the Doctors Honoris Causa, to all honorary certificates, to the publications of NBU.  

The Motto
The motto of NBU - Ne varietatem timeamus, was thought out by the founder of NBU Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov and translated from Latin means Let’s not be afraid of diversity. The motto is deeply embedded in the mission of the university, as well as in its educational policy, and in each single day of its functioning.  


The Gowns
The solemn academic garments of NBU are the togas and the hats, which, during solemn ceremonies, are worn by the first academic persons and by the students, acquiring an educational degree. The togas of the NBU students are designed in contradiction to the traditions and the canons – in the form of capes, which may be put on and wrapped up in various ways, as an expression of freedom and diversity. All caps are made of soft material, so that they can take different forms and look individually. The togas are dark blue, except for the Rector’s toga, which is royal purple. The students of NBU wear togas and caps at the awarding of their diplomas. Togas of NBU are also worn by the Doctors Honoris Causa at the ceremonies of awarding of the title; the student, delivering the student’s academic speech at the opening of the new academic year.



The Badge
The badge of NBU is silver, with oval form, with the symbol of the reading man – the sign of NBU - reproduced thereon. Each student, who graduates at NBU, receives the university badge.  


The shawl and the tie

University symbols are also the shawl and the tie of NBU. They contain the colors of the university – dark blue and golden with the image of the university sign. At diploma awarding the women receive the university shawl and the men – the university tie. The shawl and the tie represent a symbol of belonging to NBU.  




The necklace of the Rector and the Deans
A compulsory element of the togas of the Rector and the Deans is the necklace with the sign of NBU.

The Rector’s necklace symbolizes the academic precedence, but also a symbol of the strong connection among the people within the university, an expression of academic autonomy.

The medal of the Doctors Honoris Causa

The medal that the Doctors Honoris Causa receive upon awarding of the title, contains an image with the sign of the university. The medal symbolizes belonging to the cause of the university and the university community.